Threaded or welding ball valve 3 piece full bore, manufactured from round bar or casted, construction in according to EN 12516-2; ISO 14313; ANSI B1.1; DIN 3202 M3. ISO 14313
Available size from ¼” to 4” in stainless steel, carbon steel and special steel
Rating PN 20 ÷ 100.
Thread available ISO 7RP (GAS); ASME B1.20.1 (NPT); ASME B16.11/EN12760 (SW); ASME B16.25 / EN 12627 (BW).
Chevron ring on stem.
On request:
– with  o’ring on stem (patent n°00219688).
– fire-safe execution according to ISO 10497 API 607
– fire-safe execution according to BS6755 API 607/6FA (patent n° 00219617).
– according to PED 14/68/UE directive
– according to  TPED 2010/35/UE directive
– according to ATEX 14/34/UE directive
– degreseade according to ISO 23208 for oxigen service
certified in safety in safety system S.I.L. 3.
certified for fugitive emission in class “A” ISO 15848.

Catalogue and Attachments

Standard productions

  • anti blow out proof stem
  • fire safe design
  • construction and marking BS 5351
  • carbon steel valves painted with first coat of epoxy-polyammidic RAL 5012 35 microns
  • antistatic device
  • three pieces swing out design for in-line maintenance
  • chevron rings on stem
  • top flange ISO 5211
  • all valves 100% air tested under water at 100 psi
  • full bore in according to API 6D

On demand accessories

  • cavity filler in PTFE
  • PTFE seats filled glass – carbon – S.S. – bronze, metal core
  • valves degreased and packed under vacuum for oxygen
  • cryogenic valves
  • valves for letal service according TA-LUFT
  • drawing sample balls
  • tri-clamp connections
  • over pressure device
  • stem extention
  • oval handle
  • pneumatic actuator double/single acting
  • electric motor
  • manual gear box
  • electric-pneumatic limit switches/solenoid valves
  • pneumatic/electro-pneumatic positioner
  • pressure regulator filter with gauge
  • rapid exaust
  • special alloy (i.e. hastelloy-titanium-monel etc.)